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Embryo Donation International (EDI) is a private reproductive endocrinology, infertility, gynecology and reproductive genetics practice located in Fort Myers, Florida.

Dr. Craig R. Sweet founded the original practice as Women's Health Care & Reproductive Services in 1991. In July 1998,the practice was renamed Specialist's In Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, P.A. (SRMS). SRMS started performing embryo donation in 2001 and we decided to expand this aspect of the practice in 2011 and call it EDI.

The description of the services below will be specific to EDI. If you would like to learn more about the available services at SRMS, please click here.

Anonymous Embryo Donation

Anonymous Embryo Donation

The most frequent form of embryo donation is done anonymously and often referred to simply as "embryo donation". In this form of embryo donation, the donors and recipients never meet.

This is the most common form of embryo donation. It is perfect for the embryo donors who are wanting to provide a wonderful gift while desiring closure and privacy in donating their embryos. It is also ideal for the embryo recipient who wants the least expensive option in obtaining embryos. The decision to accept the embryo recipient into the program is the responsibility of EDI's clinicians who have over a quarter century of combined experience in the infertility field. EDI is completely committed in helping to match healthy cryopreserved embryos with healthy embryo recipients.

Approved Embryo Donation

Approved Embryo Donation

Approved Embryo Donation maintains anonymity while providing the donor with a increased level of screening of the recipients. The recipients undergo an interview with a qualified Mental Health Professional (MHP) The results of the interview, absent any identifying information, are sent to the donors for their approval. The donors and recipients still never meet.

Approved embryo donation is the second most common form of embryo donation. It is ideal for the embryo donors who want additional information about the recipients. It is ideal for the recipients that are willing to participate in the MHP interview process. It is ideal for all parties that want to maintain anonymity. EDI, based on their vast experience in the field of embryo donation and reproductive medicine, still ultimately decides which embryo recipients are physically ready to accept donated embryos gathering on their vast experience in the field of embryo donation.

Open Embryo Donation

Open Embryo Donation

Open Embryo Donation contains some of the steps commonly reserved for adoption of a live child. Embryo donors must indicate that this is the only method they will accept in donating their embryos. Potential embryo recipients also have to be willing to undergo this more involved and expensive process.

Open Embryo Donation is the least common form of embryo donation. It requires a greater level of participation for both donors and recipients. This also is the most expensive form of embryo donation. The donors and recipients will know each other. It is up to the participantsto determine the type of relationship they will have after the embryos are transferred. It is uncertain if the Florida state statutes will protect all participants, so legal representation is required and contracts will need to be signed by all parties involved.

General Laboratory Services

  • 24-hour infrared internet-monitored cryopreservation facility. Multiple alarm systems monitor the cryopreserved materials.
  • The SRMS/EDI lab has been in existence since 1991 and is full certified (CLIA & JCAHO, see below).
  • Advanced cryopreservation procedures including vitrification.
  • The facility is fully capable of thawing embryos frozen by a multitude of techniques.
  • The facility is able to grow embryos to the advanced blastocyst stage assuring the best quality of embryos are transferred.

The prestigious Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) certifies the SRMS/EDI laboratory. We also hold an Advanced Laboratory Certification through the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA). Our lab has received national recognition for its work in embryo transfer and laboratory procedures.

We accept embryos from around the world and are dedicated to the caring for and storage of those very precious embryos.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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