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In years past, support for the infertile patient was sometimes difficult to find. Physician practices did their best, but they were usually ill equipped to help to a significant degree. Local support groups flourished in the larger cities, but access was still limited for the majority. Insurance companies rarely covered infertility and financial options were also quite limited.

Infertility is now less a taboo topic then in years past. The Internet has become a tremendous source of information, perhaps even to the point of distraction. Internet support groups often fill the gaps when friends and family are unable. For the infertile patient and those seeking medical information, it has become a different world.

Our goal at EDI is to offer embryo donors a tremendous option for their embryos and assist embryo recipients to build their families. We would be remiss if we didn't add areas of needed support.

In this section of the site, we offer some ideas for financial, Internet and psychological support. Where ever possible, we will trim the information to offer only the best. Please contact us if you have suggestions to pass to our visitors and patients. Please contact us and tell us what we can do better. Constructive criticism and even the occasional complement are always welcome.

We hope you like enjoy this section as it is consistent with our core belief to assist potential embryo donors and embryo recipients in anyway we can.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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