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What Is Embryo Donation?

Embryos are created through the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). In order to minimize multiple pregnancies, excess embryos are frozen (cryopreserved) in liquid nitrogen for future use. Eventually, a caring and compassionate individual, an embryo donor, may decide to donate these frozen embryos. Rather than discard the embryos or donate them to science, the embryo donor believes that their embryos deserve a chance at life and a patient in need deserves a chance at parenthood. It is truly a wonderful and amazing gift.

Why Receive Embryos Here at EDI?

While there are a very limited number of programs performing embryo donation, there are a few reasons you may want to consider Embryo Donation International:

What is important to both Donors and Recipients?

  • We have been performing embryo donation since 2001 making us one of the most experienced facilities in the field of embryo donation.
  • We offer Anonymous, Approved and Open Embryo Donation options.
  • While some embryo donation programs limit the donors and recipients to be a certain religion or marital status, we here at EDI do not. In fact, we open our practice to all those interested in donating and receiving embryos regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or marital status.
  • EDI has an extraordinarily well organized and successful embryo donation program making it far more likely that all steps involved in donating and receiving embryos run smoothly.
  • Florida has excellent legal statutes making it a safe haven to donate and receive embryos.
  • EDI agrees to notifying the parties of newly diagnosed genetic problems in the embryo donor family or the embryo recipient offspring while still maintaining anonymity.
  • EDI has a history of being an "Embryo Advocate" by discussing the fate of abandoned embryos and trying to change current standards regarding the automatic disposal of the abandoned embryo.

What is specifically important to you, the Embryo Recipient?

  • You may apply on-line to our embryo donation program. We will do our best to let you know of your potential acceptance within 10 days of submission.
  • The embryo database is easily accessible though this web site at no charge to you. Registration is not required although there are many advantages of registering (info).
  • EDI does not charge any "up-front" or "middle-man" fees in the embryo donation process, thereby decreasing your costs.
  • If you agree to an Approved or Open Embryo Donation process, we will minimize your inconvenience using qualified professionals close to your home.

Why is EDI Appealing to the Embryo Donor?

  • We donate to charity for every set of embryos donated. The donor also picks out the charity from our carefully selected group of organizations.
  • While certainly optional, embryo donors may stipulate as to the characteristics of the recipients, including geographic location, race, religion and marital status.
  • The application for donating is completed here on-line making it very easy and private for patients to donate their embryos.
  • We accept recipients from across the country and overseas. By donating to EDI, you need not worry about unexpectedly meeting the resulting offspring. The world is our referral population.
  • While extraordinarily rare, EDI will allow the donors to have their embryos returned upon request up to the point of transfer. We have found this will encourage patients to donate their embryos.
  • We try to minimize the inconvenience to the embryo donor. For example, psychological evaluation and blood tests are optional and not mandatory to donate your embryos.

There are many other reasons to consider EDI. Please continue to click on tabs above as we walk you though the process.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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