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Testimonials are an interesting form of communication. By definition, they are biased since Websites will only post positive comments. Similarly, testimonials from a famous spokesperson can leave some wondering why a celebrity's endorsement should have have more credibility than other opinions. Regardless, patient testimonials still offer readers a level of insight and understanding that others methods simply cannot communicate.

At EDI, we are utterly amazed by the eloquence and emotion expressed in these testimonials. We are truly touched and inspired by the writers' words. The highest compliment an embryo donor can ever give us is their trust they bestow to care and find a wonderful home for their embryos.

We hope you enjoy these testimonials as these patients are sharing something very precious, their inner most feelings and thoughts. They are speaking from their heart, which can be an amazing place to visit.

Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Not too long ago, my husband and I were faced with a decision to make, one that was really like no other in our lives. We have a set of three year-old twin girls that were created by IVF. During the IVF procedure, we had produced five additional embryos that were cryopreserved. At this point in our lives we have finished building our family and do not need or want for any more children. The choices we were presented with ranged from destruction, donation to stem-cell research, donation to the IVF clinic lab or donation to an infertile couple, or person(s) of varying relationship status. We could not really afford the continued storage fees and did not see any reason to keep them 'suspended in time' without helping to guide their fate in some direction.

I remembered the years of anguish I experienced being infertile. Everywhere I went, I saw pregnant women or newborn babies. It became an obsession, perceived as something so intangible for me, yet came so easily to others. There would be no other remedy , but a child. The decision my husband and I arrived at was, at the core, very simple. We asked ourselves 'Why not help another couple? Why not help end the anguish? Why not help to make someone so incredibly elated by giving them the ultimate gift?" This perspective gave us clarity to see that the simplest answer was the best option for us. We decided to donate the embryos, 'Paying It Forward' to help all those infertile people in such desperate need. Embryo donation was our way of paying back what we were so very lucky to finally have -- a family.

So, for any of you couples out there who find yourselves with frozen embryos, families completed and want to make a good decision based on what should be the best or right thing to do, think back a bit to your infertile days. That memory will guide you to do the right thing for someone just like yourself. Vicki Durso, torig71@aol.com

Beautiful Baby Girl

My partner and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl conceived through IVF. After the birth of our child we were faced with a decision regarding our frozen embryos. We considered all options and made the decision to donate the embryos to a person in need. Our decision was based on the fact that without an unselfish male donor, we would not be parents today

We were excited to hear that the couple who received our embryos are successfully pregnant. Our daughter is a wonderful part of our family. Being a parent is a tremendous gift. We hope more people make the decision to donate their embryos, as there are so many people wanting to be parents.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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