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Testimonials are such an interesting form of communication. By definition, they are biased since web sites will only post positive comments. Similar to testimonials, having a famous spokesperson speak for an organization may leave some uncomfortable, wondering why their opinion should have particular strength over others. All of that understood, patient testimonials still offer the reader a level of insight and understanding that others simply can not communicate.

We here at EDI are utterly amazed by the grace and emotion that comes through these testimonials. We are truly touched and inspired by their words. The highest compliment an embryo recipient can ever give us is their trust. We have such a tremendous responsibility to do our best to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

We hope that you enjoy these testimonials as these patients are sharing something very previous, their very personal feelings and thoughts. These patients are able to communicate something that EDI cannot. They are speaking from their heart, which is a breathtaking place to visit.

I Thought I Was Done

I thought I was done in 2008. Forty-five and single, I'd failed multiple intra-uterine inseminations (again) and could not consider IVF because it was prohibitively expensive. When I married earlier this year, we realized that if we were to raise children together, it would be due to a child "falling into our lap" somehow. Turns out "the lap" was a notice about embryo adoption that appeared on one of my professional list. It did not take us long to realize that embryo adoption was something we would not consider for moral and ethical reasons and to then discover the world of embryo donation. After a few days of net research and emails/phone calls to a number of clinics, it became clear that EDI was the only possibility for us and that it was a great one.

Dr. Sweet's commitment to embryo donation and the values that support his commitment provided the opportunity for me to bear a child. Because he actively encourages his own patients to donate and accepts donations from other practices, he is able to offer embryos to families outside of his practice who have failed assisted reproduction elsewhere.

As a childless and infertile, but otherwise healthy, woman and an infertile man, both of whom were likely too old for most adoption agencies, we fulfilled the EDI criteria for the families embryo donation would best serve. Once accepted into the program, we discovered a wonderful staff more than ready to work with us from 1,500 miles away. Long before we ever set foot in Florida, I had the assistance I needed to do all of the preparatory exams and lab work at my local medical center. Support was always a phone call or email away. And Dr. Sweet's web site was rich with detailed information on treatments, medications, expenses, everything any patient would want to know about their care. So, we were surprised to finally come to Florida and find that the EDI practice felt small, warm and low-key and yet they offer something so much bigger!

I am pleased to say both of my visits to EDI went well medically: the diagnostic tests had positive outcomes and, two months later, 2 excellent embryos were transferred (including a "hatching blastocyst," Corey from the lab explained enthusiastically).

I am now 12 weeks pregnant with a singleton baby and, frankly, am still shocked sometimes. I knew I had to try this; I do not think I expected it to actually work! As it turns out, I am due 9 days short of one year from the moment I first heard about embryo donation. It feels like a miracle. And the EDI staff continues to be my best cheerleaders. Logistically and financially this has also been seamless. Embryo donation is relatively affordable and we were especially lucky that our insurance covered all of the diagnostic exams and tests leading up to the actual transfer. The fees for the transfer and for managing the embryos were less than a cycle's worth of IUI drugs. And since Florida has excellent statutes addressing the legal aspects of embryo donation, we did not have to bear the financial and mental burden of private legal assistance.

I understand that there are hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos in the US alone. I can only hope that as Dr. Sweet, and others like him wherever they are, spread the word about, as well as their support and enthusiasm for, embryo donation, many more families have this incredible opportunity.

I Have a Secret to Share

I Have a Secret to Share

I have a secret to share. I call them my angels and they are my dream come true. A dream that was achieved with much appreciation and generosity of others. With unending thanks to the gracious donating couple and the awesome facilitation of Dr. Craig Sweet, they are here today. The secret is my angels are a product of the embryo donation program, so wonderfully operated by Dr. Sweet and his amazing staff. I am ever so grateful to all those involved and desire to spread the word of this wonderful program.


I urge one to stop and consider embryo donation and reception as viable alternatives in their fertility quest. I was initially unaware of this amazing option, even though I considered myself fairly well versed in my options. In wondering about the biological aspect, I can honestly say once the decision has been made there will never be any regret. Every day is such a joy and I'm thrilled my little angels are here today. Tess, Cole and Lisa Murray

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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