Emotional Support

We understand that our patients may have some difficulty dealing with the emotional stress of infertility, other medical conditions and embryo donation. If you feel you would benefit from psychological counseling and assistance, please let us know. We will then make an appropriate referral to a professional experienced in the specific areas of concern. We recognize the importance of caring for the whole patient and that brief psychological counseling may be an important aspect of your treatment.

We work in partnership with qualified Mental Health Professionals (MHP) across the country and beyond. Chances are very good that we will locate someone you can see close to home. If you prefer, or the professionals are simply not available near your home, we certainly have MHP's locally who will be more than willing to assist during your visits at EDI.

While we certainly encourage our patients to have counseling, we do not demand it. Mandating counseling for embryo donation, but not requiring it for those participating in egg/sperm donations or conventional/gestational surrogacy procedures, seems entirely unfair to the embryo donor and the recipient. Though some programs mandate psychological counseling, we feel it is more appropriate, affordable and fair simply make it readily available and encourage its use when needed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for a little support and we are here to help!

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