Embryo Donation International Success Rates

At EDI, we feel it is extremely important for all patients to fully understand their chances for success. Too often, we have found patients to be truly unaware of their chances for success for a given procedure performed in another facility. From an ethical perspective, informed consent must include information regarding the chances for success. Since some of these procedures are not covered by insurance, it becomes even more important for patients to be aware of their probability for success.

The success rates for embryo donation are based on the following:Embryo Donation Internation Success Rates

Very Important

  • Number of embryos available
  • Did the fresh cycle in which they were frozen result in a pregnancy/delivery?
  • Quality of the embryos frozen
  • Age of the woman when the eggs were provided
  • Overall health of the embryo recipient


  • Stage of growth when the embryos were frozen
  • Technique used to freeze and thaw the embryos
  • Success rates for facility freezing embryos
  • Success rates for facility thawing embryos
  • Was the sperm obtained through a surgical procedure?

Possibly influencing

  • Was preimplantation genetic testing of the embryos done?
  • Age of the male producing the sperm

Probably not important

  • How long the embryos have been cryopreserved

In general, frozen embryo transfer success rates will reflect embryo donation success rates since the process is essentially the same. In 2008, the CDC reported there were 25,261 frozen embryo transfers performed in the U.S. with the average delivery rate of 31% resulting in 7,123 live births. There were 5,861 frozen embryo transfers using embryos created from donor eggs resulting in slightly higher delivery rates of 33% and producing approximately 1,946 live births. Understand that these are not donor embryo success rates but that the embryos donated came from the very same types of patients included in these numbers.

With each set of embryos we receive, we calculate a probably range of success based on the numerous variables listed above. At EDI, our success rates range between 27-40% per transfer.

Be sure to examine the grade we give the donated embryos when searching the database as this will include many of the parameters listed above. Most importantly, ask us about the particular set of embryos you are interested in. We are able to take into account the numerous variables and we will do our best to give you a likely range of success.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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