Where is EDI Located?

General Directions

Embryo Donation International is tucked in a relatively out-of-the-way location within World Plaza II in Fort Myers, Florida. When we built the facility, we were the first and only building up. Now, we are surrounded on three sides by other buildings and a pond on the forth side. As a result, this pleasant location is now a bit more difficult to find and we strongly recommend that you use one of the provided methods on this page to locate us.

Please click on the map below for a larger view of the basic map to EDI

Map to EDI

Below is a detailed map on how to find the elusive Building 53. Navigation systems will not get you that close to our door step, so it is very important that you bring this map with you. Click to download and then print.

Finding Building 53

Our map will help you find the actual EDI facility. Please note that we are in Building 53 and there is a short walkway to our facility from the parking lot located between the nearby buildings. We are not easily seen from the parking lot, so please look for some signs that point to Building 53.

We Will Guide You In

If you are uncertain as to the directions, we encourage you to call us at  (239) 275-5728 or (800) 334-2184 well before your appointment. You might considering leaving a bit earlier to find the facility. Lastly, the front office has been known to act as "air traffic controllers" and has guided patients to the facility on many an occasion via cell phone.

Finding us is not difficult if you bring a map. "Do not" hesitate to take a moment and ask for directions, whenever lost. We promise it will be worth the effort.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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