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Embryo Donation International, A Historical Perspective

EDI Ethics

Embryo Donation International (EDI) is a subdivision of Specialists In Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, P.A. (SRMS). We opened our doors in 1991 providing comprehensive and compassionate reproductive endocrine care. In 2001, we expanded and began to perform embryo donation making us one of the longest running and most experienced embryo donation facilities in the U.S.A., and possibly beyond.

One of the first lectures Dr. Sweet gave involving embryo donation took place during the week on "9-11". When so many lives were lost, we spoke about the unclaimed life held in cryopreservation within our practice because they had been abandoned. This was our first public discussion of this sensitive topic. Over the years, we became passionate advocates for both embryos and patients in need. Our philosophy was not based on religion but rather the ethical belief that embryos deserved a heightened level of respect and a chance, wherever possible, at life. Likewise, we felt that patients with few other options deserved a chance to become parents though embryo donation.

It became clear that the embryo donation programs available to patients in the U.S.A. and overseas were quite limited and we wanted to expand the opportunities for patients.

Embryo Donation International, Mission Statement

Embryo Donation International’s mission is to reduce the number of cryopreserved embryos discarded or abandoned, helping to match embryos to patients wanting to build families. We are a full-service cost-effective embryo donation center serving embryo donors and recipients with care and compassion regardless of race, religion, ancestry, sexual preference or marital status.


Embryo Donation International, Our Core Beliefs and Principals

While not necessarily in order of priority, the statements below reflect our values guiding us forward:

EDI Philosophy
  • We will be advocates for both embryos and patients.
  • Embryos have potential and deserve a heightened level of respect.
  • Embryos should not arbitrarily be abandoned or discarded.
  • We will not discriminate against those who provide or receive donated embryos with respect to race, religion, ancestry, sexual preference or marital status.
  • Embryo donors and recipients who desire anonymity should receive it.
  • Embryo donors and recipients who do not desire anonymity should have an open process available.
  • Embryo donors and recipients should be able to determine the characteristics and geographic location of those who receive their embryos.
  • We commit to offering embryo donation in a cost-effective manner.
  • We commit to performing and presenting research in the field of embryo donation.
  • We are devoted to the field of reproductive ethics.
  • We are committed to educating patients, the public and health care providers in the field of embryo donation.
  • We are committed to providing the highest level of medical services with an emphasis on patient safety.
  • Adhering to the standards of care and whenever appropriate, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality regarding medical and personal information.
  • When a less expensive option is available for the patient, we will provide this whenever possible.
  • We will never take advantage of the desperation of our patients.
  • Experience, excellence and ethics

Interestingly, it was this set of principles and core beliefs that led to the formation of Embryo Donation International and not the other way around.

Thank you for taking a moment to review a short summary of our history, our mission statement, as well as our core beliefs and principles.

UPDATED: 04/06/2013
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